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Sustainability, resilience, cost, employees – they’re all driving organizations to get energy management right. But success depends on good governance, clear decision-making principles, and well-executed change management.

Energy has become too complex for executives, so it’s disconnected from strategic goals. Instead, managers and engineers turn to the simplest path of short-payback projects sourced by relationships, web research, or whichever vendors are most persuasive.

For many organizations, this project-based approach leads to wasted potential, wasted money, wasted time, and wasted resources.

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For companies and institutions, the common project-based approach often misses the mark. In a typical case, an experienced energy manager was crushed to find that 90% of his projects (over a 10-year period) were no longer delivering savings.  People leave, processes change, incidental fixes become permanent Рand those rosy projections amounted to wasted time and money.

We develop an energy management program that’s right-sized for your organization. At the end of the day, you want energy¬†management to fit your management and your culture to deliver against strategic goals.


For vendors, the situation forces sales and marketing teams to focus on short payback and small projects. There is a wasted opportunity to expand the conversation, and ensure long-term success for all parties, from the executive sponsor to the utility program manager to the onsite engineer.

We work with vendors who want their customers to be successful. If your customers are struggling to implement your solutions, finish projects successfully, or get sustainable results, then use EP to help customers develop a clear roadmap to sustainable success.

We also use our experience of corporate buyers to deliver market research, solution design, and improved marketing collateral.


For utilities, engaging customers in an irregular drip of projects imposes a high overhead cost of marketing and M&V. It also reduces the opportunity for utilities and customers to talk about collaboration to meet strategic goals.

You want to put your customers on a consistent path to participation in all of your programs and solutions. We help design and deliver Strategic Energy Management, using the Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s minimum elements.

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